What Ever Happened to These Amazing Race Competitors?

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Remember these Amazing Race faces?

The Amazing Race has celebrated 30 heart-pounding, globe-trotting, $1-million-winning seasons over the years. The world-racing contest launched September 5, 2001, on CBS. Hosted by New Zealand television personality Phil Keoghan, the Emmy award-winning competition series pits twelve teams of two (and sometimes more) on a race around the world. On the journey, they figure out clues, master foreign lands, perform physical and mental challenges and get around by plane, train, automobiles and whatever other forms of transportation that will get them to the finish line first. Its dedicated viewers have had the opportunity to travel to foreign lands and learn about the people, customs and cultures, all from the comfort of their living rooms.

In its 30 seasons, The Amazing Race has had mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, lovers, families, best friends and even strangers compete. Over its run, The Amazing Race has built and broken relationships, which got us thinking - whatever happened to some of the most memorable competitors and winners of this worldly high-stakes adventure?

It's time to look back over The Amazing Race's past 30 seasons. See how your favorite players have moved on past their racing days, and which favorite couple will return for The Amazing Race: All-Stars, Season 31, set to air in Spring 2019! Get Started