The Real Housewives: Then And Now

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New husband, new face

When you're starring in a reality television show, you're pretty much obligated to share the ins and outs of your life. The divorces, the marriages, the babies, and the feuds-- they're all caught on camera for the world to see. But if there's one thing that reality stars, and more notably, Real Housewives stars, are reluctant to share, it's their surgeries. While some are so open that they've actually gone under the knife on camera (see: housewife number 8), most of these housewives deny ever having any work done at all. Whether they have or haven't is up to public discourse, but after seeing some of these before and after photos, it's pretty hard to deny that something has to have happened here. Maybe it's a botox injection or two, maybe it's a facelift and rhinoplasty, or maybe it's the sheer glow of a new marriage and a healthy diet. Whatever the case may be, these housewives have shared it all with us, including their new faces, and here's a look at them then and now. Get Started