Most Dramatic YouTuber Apology Videos

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When will they learn their lesson?!

29 times youtubers cried during their apology videos. Let's face it: YouTubers are making millions. It's a phenomenon no one expected, but it's somehow our reality. Vloggers, beauty gurus, and gamers are earning big cash just by getting their loyal viewers to click on their videos and watch an ad or two in between them. With consistent revenue coming in, the pressure to upload as much as possible can become inevitable. When you're uploading and promoting too often, you're pretty much bound to slip up somehow. As society has gotten more and more sensitive and content creators have gotten more and more bold, the number of times a collective has gotten offended has pretty much skyrocketed. Though some YouTubers have messed up more gravely than others (not taking proper care of a goldfish vs. saying something blatantly racist,) the apology video crisis has still taken over the digital medium. Because, these days, you gotta play on people's emotions in order to get the views you want. So if you have to shed a tear or two to get your viewers to get your viewers to like you again after a big scandal, then say no more. Here's a list of the 29 times YouTubers have played up the dramatics in order to win their audience's hearts back. Get Started