These YouTubers Were Once BFFs. Now They Hate Each Other

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No worries kids, there's enough drama to go around.

YouTube was once known for music covers and funny skit videos. A place where parents uploaded videos of their kids at dance recitals and trips to the zoo. The occasional pop star would be discovered (see: Justin Bieber), and some funny videos would go viral, but it was always a place that served as a retreat from a chaotic world. Fast forward to present day, and to say that things have changed would definitely be an understatement. YouTubers have joined more YouTubers to form exclusive "squads," dating one another and living in million dollar homes together. Beauty vloggers have launched their own makeup lines in stores across the globe, uploading tutorial videos with celebrities like Kim Kardashian. But most of all, the drama has reached heights that are unheard of. There are catfights across every social media platform, and hour-long response videos that make you think "Can't you guys just call each other?" Friends who become frenemies who become mortal enemies are making big cash on their falling outs, and their audiences can't help but watch every minute of it. Here's a list of some of the juiciest YouTube feuds so far, so I'm sure there's plenty more to come. Get Started