33 Young Stars Who Walked Away From Hollywood

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Young celebs who quit the spotlight!

Do you remember these kids stars who quit acting for good? Some stars become a household name before they reach their teen years. You would think that most of these kid actors would want to have long and lucrative careers in movies and TV. Not this crew! We tracked down a ton of stars who hit puberty and decided it was time to put a halt on their time in front of the camera and pursue different interests. Even their statuses as teen heartthrobs or sex symbols couldn't keep them in the biz. Some stayed close, like Peter Billingsley of A Christmas Story and Michael Maronna of the TV series The Adventures of Pete & Pete with jobs behind the camera. Some former child stars took on entirely different career paths: they are now doctors, nurses and weather reporters. There are few child stars who made only made one flick -- and that's the extent of their acting careers -- and one actor who has gone totally off the grid since his hit film from the eighties. One thing seems to be clear, all these young stars of yesteryear don't regret their decisions and are enjoying life just fine now that they are out of the spotlight. Get Started