Celebrity Moms Who Somehow Got Hotter After Having Kids

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They practically defied science!

21 celebrity moms who had kids and got hotter. Sometimes, when a woman falls in love, she gets a glow. It's a glow that comes from within and radiates pure, authentic happiness. It's the kind of glow with the power to make an already gorgeous woman somehow look even more breathtakingly beautiful. While it can totally happen when she falls for a new lover, it's the most common (and at its most powerful) when she gives birth to a new child. The connection and bond between a mother and her kid is a feeling words aren't capable of describing, and the happiness that radiates from her comes right from her soul's core. It's also the only scientific explanation as to why these celebrity moms managed to look even more beautiful after having children than they did before. Sure, there's work out routines and skin care regimens that might give them a push they needed, but ultimately, it's that new mommy glow that will make you do a double take when these moms enter the room. Whether they're on baby number 4 or it's their first go-round with motherhood, here's a list of 21 celebrity moms that make it look easy, and look good while doing it. Get Started