31 Young Celebrities That Have Dabbled In The Gay And Straight Pool

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Sometimes, you're just a little curious.

Young celebrities that were a little bi-curious. When you're young, you experiment. It's just within your nature. You follow your emotions and change career paths, the color of your hair, even the music you listen to. Having no one to answer to and no consequences to be suffered makes exploring and discovering yourself while you're young all the more fun. One particular aspect that a lot of people tend to explore during their youth is their preferences regarding sexuality. While many know straight away growing up that they're either gay or straight, others tend to be a bit more bi-curious. Some find themselves in long-term, committed relationships with someone of the same gender, and others just find their Friday night plans. Whatever the case may be, the trickiest part of experimenting is being a celebrity and having to do it in front of the public eye. Nowadays, people want to be able to label you and have you identify as one or the other. But if you're just browsing the catalogs, why need to label anything? Luckily, times have changed enough where "the only label I need is no label" is actually justifiable. So here's a list of some young stars in Hollywood that have dived in both pools and enjoyed themselves while doing it. Get Started