23 Shady Stars Who Deny Having Had Plastic Surgery

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Who do you think you are foolin'?

Did they or didn't they? 23 stars who deny having had plastic surgery. There is incredible pressure to remain youthful looking to maintain one's place in the spotlight, so it's no surprise that Hollywood stars turn to plastic surgeons to extend their shelf life for fans. Some stars such as Joan Rivers were very forthcoming about their affinity for cosmetic surgery, but many of today's celebrities seem to be in denial. Whether they want you to believe their looks are the result of healthy living or expertly applied makeup, the following stars have all denied going under the knife. If you look at pictures of all the Kardashians and Jenners from a decade ago, none of them look like they are the same people today. Lindsay Lohan has lived life hard, but that alone can't explain the alterations to her face. Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani have smooth foreheads that any teenager would covet, yet both women are circling 50. Do you remember what Ariana Grande looked like 10 years ago? Hint: it's nothing like what the singer looks like now.

Other stars who deny having plastic surgery include Megan Fox, Meg Ryan, Renée Zellweger, Lil' Kim, Kate Bosworth, Melanie Griffith and many more. Do you believe them, or are they lying through their teeth? Look at the evidence and you decide. Get Started