We Bet You Had No Idea These Celebrities Were Also Authors

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Guess which ones are NY Times Best Sellers!

31 celebrities that have written books. Celebrities these days often have to wear multiple hats. Some balance acting and singing, some become designers, others even toss in some directing. But there are a select few of celebrities that opt to get a bit more vulnerable and pen some books. A life in the public eye surely isn't the norm, and these celebrities have seen and experienced things many of us would never be able to relate to. They make for good daydreams, and even better books to read. From all the personal struggles they faced to get to the top, to behind the scenes tidbits on what really goes on at the Oscars (don't fool yourself-- you're dying to know too), these celebs strip down the barrier and let readers in to a version of them we've never seen before. However, not all of the books on this list are memoirs or autobiographies written solely by ghostwriters. A few of these are actual fiction novels, completely derived from their creative imagination (psst-- there's even a cookbook!). Steve Martin went on to produce and star in a film based on the novel he wrote, as did James Franco. You'd be surprised at some of the people on this list, and even more intrigued to find out what it is they have to say. Get Started