29 Couples We Wish Could Have Worked Out

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These breakups are proof love is dead.

29 celebrity breakups we wish never happened. The unfortunate truth is that celebrities pretty much sign their privacy away in writing once they become famous. As consumers, we get a front-row seat at the good, the bad, and the ugly. From rounds in rehab to pregnancy announcements, we're there to witness it all. But the most publicized aspects of celebrity lives is without a doubt their relationships, especially when they choose to date each other. The media has a way of making you feel like a functioning part of these highly glamorous couples. From their breakups, to their makeups, we just can't help but be invested. Some of these couples seem to hit the jackpot and make it through the long haul, having a couple of equally talented babies and aging seemingly backward (see Will Smith and Jada Pinkett for example). Others, however, end pretty tragically. Whether it's a cheating scandal, a love interest in a movie that stole their heart, or just a flame that burned too hot to survive, we all grieve when our favorite Hollywood pairings call it quits. Some move on and blossom in newer and even better relationships, but there's nothing like that first love (we're looking at you, Vanessa Hudgens!), so here's a list of some of those favorites that we all secretly hope rekindle the flame. Get Started