The 21 Richest YouTubers Of 2018

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Spoiler Alert: Someone earned $50 Mil.

Want to be rich? these internet stars made it happen. From filming themselves eating to filming themselves playing video games, these YouTubers took doing things we all do and turned them into multi-million dollar businesses. Now it's easy for audiences to watch and say "That's so easy, I could have done it!", but being a successful YouTuber takes a lot more than turning a camera on and doing a dance. There are algorithms to be watched, and trends to be aware of. You must find the balance between entertaining your audience while also connecting with them. You have to avoid public scandals, and master the art of clickbait. You have to make sure your clothing merch is cooler than your YouTube competitor. You have to get the right ads, sponsorships, and brand deals in order to actually make good money. And you have to stay current, or else you'll be swept away by the next beauty guru or gamer. It's a business, and these following YouTubers have not only mastered the game, but they've made themselves filthy rich while doing it. Get Started