You Wouldn't Believe Which Actors Were Faking Accents For These Roles

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Wait... so they're NOT American?!

29 actors that convinced the world they had a different accent. Being an actor takes a lot of skill. You need to be able to master channeling different emotions, personas, and ideologies. But most importantly, you need to do it convincingly. Many actors have proven themselves able to jump into different time periods and personalities effortlessly, but only a select handful have been able to convince audiences watching their work that they're a whole different nationality. While a lot of props is owed to the amazing voice coaches that help these actors completely transform, mastering accents so well that people are shocked to learn aren't naturally yours is another level of badass. From British to American to Irish, these actors are voice chameleons and have earned the title rightfully. So much so that while compiling this list, we were nonstop blindsided by how much we thought these actors were from a whole different country! So here's a list of 39 actors who have blown us away with their vocal skills-- prepare to be shook. Get Started