They Said What?! 29 Grossest Celebrity TMI Moments

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Overshare much?

29 stars who overshared gross personal details we didn't need to hear. I think we can all agree, even among us regular humans, sharing way too much information publicly has become the norm. But for celebrities, whose image and brand (and related makeup/perfume/athleisure wear lines) depend on them remaining visible and relevant pretty much all the time, the oversharing bar is off the charts.

Perhaps in an attempt to connect with fans, seem more relatable, or because they genuinely have no filter, many celebrities have taken oversharing to insane new levels. Not only are they revealing waaaay too much about their sex lives and personal grooming habits, they're also proudly trying to outdo each other in the belfie department (that's a "butt selfie" for the uninitiated).

Maybe they were just trying to give a good interview. Be "authentic"? Or generate engaging social media content and get lots of headlines written about them the next day (PR at its finest!). Whatever the reason, we shudder at some of these revelations. Check out this rundown of star TMI moments you have to see to believe. Get Started