19 A-List Actors Whose Childish Behavior Caused Films To Fail

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They ruined lives and careers.

Men act like babies way more often than we give them credit for, so it's time to give credit where credit is due. Friends, countrymen and countrywomen, may we present to you the biggest A-List man-babies in Hollywood. Thank you and you're welcome.

While the men on this list pride themselves on (and are famous for) steely screen personas and charming talk show appearances, the truth of the matter is that they possess fragile egos that must be delicately nurtured as if they are baby lambs. And when they don't feel that their egos are being attended to, they recoil and strike back like dogs. Unfortunately, they sometimes do this while filming multimillion dollar movies that are providing several hundred people with jobs. This does not lead to success.

As you will soon learn, the childish tantrums that these A-Listers threw not only damaged their reputations, but caused entire movies to fail critically and commercially. Thanks to these beloved actors behaving cruelly and horrendously when they didn't get their way, their movies lost money and talent and ultimately became Hollywood cautionary tales. In one case, a supposedly generous and feminist actor even ruined a talented female director's career forever. Read on to find out which Hollywood "charmer" we're talking about. Get Started