31 Couples That Didn't Survive the Reality TV Curse

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But they sure made for good TV!

31 reality TV couples that didn't make it. A sense of privacy is crucial for a healthy relationship. You wouldn't want your mom witnessing some of your intimate or personal arguments with your partner, let alone the entire world! But that's just what these couples had to give up when they signed up to display their relationships on reality television. While it may have felt like a good idea when things were peachy and the cameras were zooming in on their cute and romantic milestones, the cameras don't turn off when things go sour. We've seen these couples trudge through the good, the bad, and the ugly. And we're definitely not alone. From cheating scandals to vicious fights, thousands upon thousands of viewers tuned in to watch these relationships crumble. It's made for good television, but it truly does make one question whether or not relationships can be built to survive the reality television curse. There are a few surviving couples that can attest to weathering the storm, but here's a look at 31 couples that are evidence suggesting the answer may still be no. Get Started