29 Creepy Coincidences On Horror Movie Sets

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Be afraid, be very afraid.

29 horror movie sets that were definitely cursed. Some directors just don't know when to stop. On one hand, you have directors like The Shining's Stanley Kubrick who use intimidation and manipulation on their actors to get bigger performances. On the other hand, you have dictators like Transformers' Michael Bay who put actors in actual physical danger in order to get bigger explosions. And as if that weren't enough, you have directors of supernatural horror movies, who apparently aren't satisfied until they've unleashed actual demons upon civilization. You see: Classic horror movies like The Exorcist aren't just terrifying. They're also responsible for real-life horrors and hauntings that have plagued people in real life. And there's actual evidence to back this up.

According to the people who have worked on these films, there are multiple accounts of creepy and even tragic coincidences that haven't been explained away with logic. Of course, this can only mean one thing: The directors of these films summoned actual evil supernatural forces once they decided to work on these films about fighting Satan. Obviously, Satan's minions were not happy when they heard that these arrogant directors were besmirching their good name, so they decided to get revenge. Unfortunately, the victims -- as you will see -- were everyone involved with the films. Dear reader, this list is not about happy endings. Get Started