27 Unforgettable Moments From The Real Housewives

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These women invented messy.

27 unforgettable moments from the real housewives. From divorce scandals to wig pulls, the tea is always piping hot when it comes to the iconic Real Housewives franchise. Starting off in Orange County in 2005, the phenomenon has grown exponentially, covering nine different cities with 50 shades of messy. Coast to coast, these women have built bonds together that have us rooting for womanhood and friendship and ending those same bonds with catfights that have us glued to our television sets. Not to mention all the lavish vacations, million-dollar mansions, and pint-size puppies (and in some cases, pint-sized ponies) in between. We've said goodbye to many housewives that didn't make the cut, and even an entire city itself, while some OG members reign supreme and are still providing us with iconic moments and quotes to this day. The hit franchise has even branched off a few of its own spin-offs, honing in on the lives of some fan-favorite housewives. But the originals (and a messy reunion or two) provide us with all the jaw-dropping moments we need, so here's a list of 27 iconic Real Housewives moments we will never forget. Get Started