The 29 Most Offensive Red Carpet Looks Ever

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These looks went way too far.

29 offensive red carpet looks we'd like to forget. Every red carpet has its share of hits and misses, but sometimes those misses miss too much. On certain occasions throughout human history, celebrities have managed to make such poor fashion choices that they angered half of America. Whether it was because of the materials they were wearing or because of the cultures they were appropriating from -- or because of the amount of boobage they betrayed -- they simply went too far and subverted too much. In some cases, they even messed up so badly that they had to apologize on a national stage. Yikes. And the worst part was that, in most cases, they didn't even look cute.

On the bright side, these celebs learned their lessons and never again inflicted similar fashion monstrosities on the populace. Finding yourself on lists of horrific fashion choices can have that effect on you. So at least there's that. But we will never forget these crimes against fashion and nature, and have thus accepted the humble task of cataloging them in their offensive glory. You're welcome. So please enjoy laughing at Kim Kardashian and gagging at Gaga -- who, by the way, appears on this list no less than five times. In comparison, Madonna only appears thrice. Get Started