19 Famous People Who Were Caught Peeing In Public

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All the world's a whiz palace.

19 celebrities who emptied their bladders in public. If you haven't peed outside, you haven't lived. Or you're lying. But there was probably a point in your life when you realized that peeing in public wasn't cute anymore. Maybe it was when you turned 29. Maybe it was when you started looking for a job. Maybe it was when the police saw you. In any case, you probably stopped before anyone had a chance to take a picture of you publicly urinating and then share the photo with all of America. Unfortunately, the 19 celebrities on this list did not have that luxury. To their chagrin and horror, their lapses in judgment were leaked to the media and splashed across tabloids. In some cases, they even found themselves in hot water with law enforcement. But time and time again, these celebrities managed to hold their heads high even as the country laughed at their tiny wieners. (OK, that only happened to one of the celebs on this list.) See, while these famous people definitely screwed up by answering nature's call on public sidewalks or in front of birthday parties, they all lived on to pee another day. Well, some of them. J/k, no one died. But they wanted to. Get Started