23 Original Movie Endings That Would Have Ruined The Film

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Thank god they didn't use these.

Would these original movie endings have ruined the films entirely? The ending of anything involving a story, be it movie, book, TV show or what have you, can make or break it. Endings, pure and simple, are HARD. If you're a storyteller, it's probably a smart idea to figure out from the onset what's going to happen to your characters, for crying out loud. How many times have you enjoyed two hours of a movie, with all the buildup and tension, only to have it spoiled in the final two minutes? All too often, filmmakers (we're looking at you, M. Night Shyamalan) back themselves into a corner with nowhere to go. Anyone remember the Hand of God in Stephen King's The Stand? Sure ya do.

Thankfully, not all filmmakers go with their first ideas and instead come up with endings that are better than what might have been. Can you imagine Titanic not ending with young Jack and Rose in an embrace, but old Rose defiantly throwing her necklace overboard in front of the treasure hunters as they go bonkers? James Cameron actually filmed that conclusion. What if Pretty Woman didn't have that happy ending with Edward sweeping Vivian off her feet, but instead he tosses her out of his car along with a few dollar bills? That was the original REAL FINALE of Pretty Woman! And you won't believe how Thelma & Louise could have met their end.

Thankfully, these final scenes never made the final cut. Read on to find out how some of your favorite movies might have ended, and thank the stars that someone had a better idea. And yes, WARNING. SPOILERS EVERYWHERE. Get Started