Stars You Didn't Know Had Embarrassing Public Meltdowns

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It all came crashing down.

I can't believe this star lost it in public. Everyone has their bad days. Sometimes, things just don't work out the way you want them to, and you suddenly find yourself half-clothed in the middle of a busy intersection screaming about a shadow government that is trying to kill you. (More on that later.) However, when you're a celebrity, you live your life on the national stage, and you can't even have a good ol' public meltdown without the entire country finding out the next day. That's how the 19 unfortunate souls on this list ended up with their distorted, disoriented faces plastered on tabloids across the country: because they had exhibited public displays of insanity while also being famous. Still, stars are just like us -- and just like in the case of that public meltdown your neighbor Karen had about her Blue Apron delivery, these meltdowns were highly entertaining. (Well, except for maybe one or two meltdowns on this list, which will not be amusing unless you are a heartless monster.) Yes, these beautiful paragons of composure lost their cool, lost their clothes, and lost their careers -- all in a matter of seconds. And thankfully, some of them managed to rebound, in terms of career and reputation. But others were not so lucky. Read on to find out who. Get Started