19 Jaw-Dropping Secrets About 'The Bachelor'

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19 secrets about 'the bachelor' the producers don't want you to know. Twice a year, 50+ men and women compete for the chance to find true love on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Twice a year, only two of those men and women go home happy. (Unless the lead of the season is Juan Pablo, in which case no one, at any point, is happy.) Overall, however, the show does such a good job of selling its fantasy that it manages to make every confession, betrayal, and dramatic confrontation seem authentic. Viewers feel contestants' pain when they're rejected and experience joy when things go their way.

Unfortunately, the actual amount of pain and heartbreak that Bachelor Nation contestants face is far greater than anything that can be conveyed through a screen. Behind the scenes of Bachelor Nation shows, glorified writers known as "producers" actively manipulate contestants and season leads so that they engage in the most dramatic and entertaining possible behaviors. In the end, the final couple that viewers have fallen in love with is nothing short of a calculated creation assembled by cynical geniuses with a middling salary and a flair for getting under people's skin.

So if you want to completely ruin the notion of romance for yourself, then look no further than this list of scandalous behind-the-scenes secrets from the Bachelor Nation franchise. Get Started