29 Moments That Celebrities Deeply Regret

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Stars ... They're NOT just like us.

29 embarrassing celebrity screw-ups you probably don't remember. Even the most suave and sophisticated of celebrities have their moments of being utter human trash. It's nature's way of reminding us that everyone can be a celebrity -- no matter how dumb or incompetent -- and that we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves. Like, if a top pop singer can pee herself on stage without hurting her career, then you can pee yourself on stage, too. Unless you're, like, a spokesperson for NASA. So next time you're feeling down on yourself, just remember the times when the A-List -- or former A-List -- stars on this list made utter fools of themselves on the national stage. No matter how hard they tried to justify or cover up their actions, we saw these beautiful, inspirational, hardworking souls for what they were: Failures. At every turn, they sabotaged themselves and the people around them, while simultaneously becoming the butt of late night jokes. And the best part of this list is that you probably don't remember a lot of these moments -- so you can experience the secondhand embarrassment all over again. But seriously, you're going to feel so embarrassed for these stars -- because you'll KNOW that they deeply regret these moments and wish that they'd just go away. But we will never let them go away. They bring us joy. Get Started