We Found Them: 29 Stars Who Look Exactly Like Animals

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We're not horsing around.

29 hilarious pics of stars who look exactly like animals. Did you ever look at someone and think, wow, she looks exactly like a laughing horse? You're not alone, and we thought the same thing about Julia Roberts. Taylor Lautner may have sick abs, but from the neck up he looks exactly like an alpaca. Angelina Jolie has stern, feline feature like a Devon rex cat. When Cher busts out her silky blonde wig, she is the spitting image of an Afghan hound. Miley Cyrus wags her tongue through the air constantly, just like a chameleon. Snoop Dogg already has "dog" in his name, so its no wonder that he resembles a sleepy dachshund. Jack Black has a broad, round, scruffy face just like a three-toed sloth. Kim Kardashian does her makeup like (or has her makeup done by) a raccoon. If you look at a side-by-side picture of Tina Turner and a Polish chicken, you'll notice that they both go to the same stylist. Other celebrities for which we found their spirit animals include Paris Hilton, Charo, Danny Trejo, Ashley Olsen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kevin Hart, Iggy Pop, Carey Mulligan, Benedict Cumberbatch and many more.

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