29 Times You Screamed At The Screen Because A Character Was Being An Idiot

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Here, everyone can hear you scream.

29 movie moments that made people furious. Why do movie characters never listen to us? We watch them and fall in love with them and analyze their every move, yet they never appreciate when we shout at them to "Look behind you" and "Don't go in there." It's disrespectful. So what do we do when they break our hearts and do that thing we just told them not to do? Do we just sit back and take it? Or do we rage, rage against the dying of the character, and complain later about how dumb they were? Obvi, we do the second thing.

When movie characters do insanely dumb things, we often have no choice but to scream. Whether it's at them, or at ourselves, or at some higher power for producing such an incompetent form of life, we scream. We scream and shriek and throw things ... and accomplish nothing. "But why must they be so dumb?" we ask, as we watch these aforementioned characters bring about their own demise. "Because that's what needs to happen for the movie to go forward," replies the annoyingly rational person in the room that no one invited. Seriously, who invited them?

But anyway, in honor of that one rational person in the room, we bring you a list of the 29 most shockingly dumb decisions ever made by movie characters. Get Started