27 Famous People Who Got Rich And Lost It All

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"What's a budget?" asked these folks.

You won't believe which famous people went bankrupt. Arguably the scariest word you can hear in conversation is not "Boo!" or "OHNOSPIDERS" or "Coldplay," but "bankruptcy." That dreaded word that pretty much says life as you know it is over... the bank has walked off with your house, your Toyota and maybe even your wife; you probably owe everyone and their third cousin thousands; and that ATM? Sorry, EMPTY. That's it -- time to call the lawyers and figure out which chapter of whatever legal code it is you need to file.

When regular folks like you and me file bankruptcy, it's not usually to the tune of millions... not like it is with famous celebrities. No, most broke stars forced into bankruptcy end up spending years paying off thousands if not millions of dollars to creditors, former spouses, perhaps the IRS. Some even have filed two or even three or FOUR times to get out of crushing debt that may or may not be their fault. Billy Joel lost millions thanks to a sleazy manager. Burt Reynolds went broke after a nasty split with Loni Anderson. Kim Basinger famously had to sell a town she OWNED in Georgia after a film company sued her to the point of bankruptcy. We're not talking about modern-day famous people only... did you know Abraham Lincoln went bankrupt? What about Mark Twain?

Going flat broke isn't the end of the world, though. Some stars manage to come out of it with flying colors. Let's find out who lost it all, if they got it back... and why! Get Started