31 Stars Who Saved Lives In Real Life

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Right time, right place.

Why these stars are actually real-life heroes. Our favorite stars often play heroes on TV or in the movies, saving people from burning buildings or situations of certain death. Some of them have made a career of it, like Tom Cruise... he's always coming to the rescue in movies like the Mission: Impossible franchise. Harrison Ford rarely plays a bad guy -- he's Han Solo, for crying out loud. Gerard Butler saves lives all the time on the big screen -- it's a shame audiences don't show up to see him do it.

Funny enough, many stars seem to be in just the right place at the right time when regular people were in trouble. Harrison Ford plays a pilot in Star Wars movies, but he also uses his real-life pilot skills and personal aircraft to rescue hikers in trouble surprisingly often. Kate Winslet wasn't able to save Leo in Titanic, but she DID rescue a well-known mogul's mother from a raging fire back in 2011. Mark Harmon has played some variety of TV cop his entire career -- but did you know he actually saved the lives of a couple of teenagers once? These stars usually don't like to broadcast their heroic deeds, so we're going to do it for them. Check out our roundup of stars who've literally come to the rescue of regular folks in the nick of time! Get Started