27 Outrageous Halloween Costumes From Celebrity Kids You Won't Believe

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Yes, they're better than "normie" kid Halloween costumes.

The Halloween costumes that celebrities made their kids wear are wild. Celebrities are just like us! Hahaha, nope, no they're not. They're not like us at all. Even though they are rich, they get celebrity perks and samples and clothes and products (usually very expensive ones) sent to them all the time... for free. And they basically (or sometimes literally) have professional photographers for their perfect Instagram families with their perfect Instagram clothes. Halloween is no exception. In fact, for celebrities, Halloween is the perfect canvas for their hot selfies, their perfect Hollywood makeup and costly costumes, and of course, the best opportunity to show off their kids in their high-end costumes.

Some celebrities go the old-fashioned route and just do normal costumes for their kids, like any other parent, but others really throw out the red carpet and make sure their kids are in the most realistic, wild Halloween costumes available to them. Why not? Maybe you and I dress our kids in whatever we find on sale at Target and hope our kids don't want to be anything too crazy, but for rich celebrities, the sky's the limit for their kids. And some of them take the opportunity to do big family Halloween costume themes! Either way, outrageous are not, most of these celebrity kids are pretty darn cute. Keep reading to see their costumes! Get Started