19 Celebrities Who Are Real Jerks In Real Life

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Well, that's not very nice.

Stars-- they're just like us! Well, maybe minus the private jets and teacup puppies. But we're all human, and we've all had bad days, and celebrities happen to be no exception. But from demanding a little too much on their rider to refusing pictures with young fans, these celebrities are known for having a few more bad days than one. In the midst of all the Hollywood glitz and glam, it's easy to get caught up in maintaining a clean public image. But word in the entertainment business travels fast, and it's not hard to find out who is actually who they portray themselves to be and who you probably don't want to approach if you see them at a Starbucks on Melrose, so we've compiled a list of 19 celebrities who happen to be real jerks in real life. Get Started