We Found Them: 29 Stars Who Hate Their Own Work

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They wish you'd forget.

Why do these 29 stars hate their own work? There is a sacred Hollywood-machine routine if you're an actor: you make a movie and then you do the press rounds to promote it. It's very rare to find an actor who will badmouth a movie during the promotional period before its release (exception: see Shia LaBeouf), but some stars will loosen up and confess to hating their own work if enough time has passed and their contractual obligation to calling it "amazing" has ended. Take Halle Berry, one of the few actors who actually showed up and picked up her Razzie for "Worst Actress," for Catwoman. Then there is Faye Dunaway's campy performance in Mommie Dearest that forever changed her career. Twilight made Robert Pattinson a star, but he sounds kind of embarrassed about it now. George Clooney stopped trying to defend his Batman and that nipple costume years ago. Michelle Pfeiffer hates Grease 2, Matt Damon hates The Bourne Ultimatum, and even Daniel Radcliffe is disappointed in his performance in one of the Harry Potter movies. Other stars featured in this article who have gone on record hating their own work include Marlon Brando, Katherine Heigl, Colin Farrell, Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Mark Wahlberg, Sally Field, Nicole Kidman and more.

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