31 Stars You Forgot Were Totally Hot Once

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These guys and gals were hot to trot.

Did you realize how hot these stars used to be? You probably know these famous folks today as distinguished older ladies and gents with classy resumes who are, of course, attractive -- but did you know that back in the day, they were total foxes? It's true! These were young actors or personalities back in their heyday, just getting started in the weird and wild world of celebrity. We're guessing most of them found fame and fortune because of their good looks first and foremost, THEN their skills. Regardless, though they've earned our respect and admiration over the years, time still takes its toll no matter how much -- ahem, plastic surgery you get.

Nowadays we envision Clint Eastwood as having been a wrinkly old director for as long as we can remember. But he was actually SIZZLING HOT as a young man in the early '60s. Craft maven Martha Stewart? She was a successful model! Some famous people you think of as perpetually old, like Al Pacino, but he was crazy good looking back in the day. James Earl Jones was a total hottie long before he was Darth Vader. Even some politicians, who you mostly know as balding or gray-haired old folks, were ridiculously hot -- wait until you see John McCain and Joe Biden early in their careers. Some are living, some have shuffled off this mortal coil, but all of the famous people you're about to gratefully lay eyes upon were once young... and super hot! Get Started