29 Famous Comedians Who Got Booed Off The Stage

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Joke's on them.

Everyone has their off nights, but the general public holds entertainers to a higher standard. We constantly expect our performers to be on, on, on -- no matter what, no matter when. So when they do eventually fail to make us laugh -- or cry, or scream, or whatever -- we bristle. We suddenly become aware that they are human and wasting our time. And unfortunately, even the best performers have their off nights -- as these 29 famous comedians learned.

While the comics on this list have reputations as some of the funniest people of all time, they didn't always feel that way. Each of them eventually had a night -- or several nights, or entire years -- where they just failed on all cylinders: they simply couldn't make anyone laugh. Some of them were even so bad they got booed off stage or jeered into submission -- or frightened away from comedy altogether. Honestly, you'll be amazed that some of these funny people still have careers after their spectacular fails. And sure, Mark Twain or somebody said comedy is tragedy plus time -- but for these comics, it was just tragedy. Just be glad you weren't in the audience. Get Started