You Won't Believe These Then-And-Now Photos Of Stars From 16 And Pregnant

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Did they overcome their adversities?

What happened to these 27 '16 and pregnant' stars will shock you. Getting pregnant can make it hard for people to succeed in life. MTV took advantage of that fact when they started recording the reality docu-series 16 And Pregnant. Some moms went on to succeed, but some ended up behind bars or even in a rehabilitation facility.

Surely you've heard about how Farrah Abraham entered the adult industry with actor James Deen, who then trashed her on social media. She also got extensive plastic surgery and chased the paparazzi around. And of course, where would we be without Jenelle Evans constantly fighting with her mom, Barbara Evans? It was the sort of drama we clung to!

Of course, those are just the ones who ended up on Teen Mom. There were far more girls on the original 16 and Pregnant who led lives, free from the camera, that were spectacular (or spectacularly sad) and we never heard their stories. What happened to them? It was truly a mystery. But through deep digging, we have found out what happened to those young ladies and their babies as well.

So what do you think? Was 16 and Pregnant a good documentary series that accurately depicted the state of teen pregnancy? That we can't determine... but we can tell you what happened to them! Look through our slideshow for more information. Get Started