Then And Now: Famous Reality TV Stars

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Whoa. They Look So Different Now!

Where are these famous reality TV stars today? Unscripted TV shows are almost as old as TV itself, but the term "reality TV show" didn't really take off until the 1990s with MTV shows like The Real World, which followed a group of young people living together in one house. The format blew up with Survivor in 2000, which pits people against nature and each other in faraway places that normally would be paradise unless you're stuck there with folks like Richard Hatch. Then there was the rise of talent shows like American Idol, which turned reggos off the street like Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson into major recording stars. Sometimes even the auditions for these shows made stars out of would-be contestants!

Today, dozens if not hundreds of reality TV shows air every day, and you are a lying liar if you say you don't watch any of them. This generally classless format sometimes elevates itself, like when people compete to improve their homes or start a business. More often, these shows devolve into complete trash: ever see Temptation Island? What about the deplorable The Swan? Stuff like Keeping Up with the Kardashians made huuuuuge stars out of the Kardashians and Jenners in 2007 and today millions of viewers tune in each season, even though nobody with any self respect will admit to watching it.

Back in the early days of modern-day reality TV, people did the craziest things to win (or just manage to stay on for a few episodes). Where are some of the nuttiest contestants today? Read on! Get Started