23 Unusual Celebrity Wedding Gowns

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They were so daring on their big day.

Did you know the tradition of brides wearing white didn't start until the Victorian Era in England? Before then, it was basically anything goes as far as wedding dress fashion. Some brides still prefer that princess look, sticking to traditional all-white gowns you can find on any David's Bridal rack. Other brides put their own spin on wedding fashion. Maybe they pick a gown of a different color. Or maybe they wear a suit! It's their big day, so keep your judge-y judgments to yourself.

Celebrities have even more wiggle room when it comes to wedding style choices, since they typically have way more money than us regular folk and probably get free tips from their favorite designers. Or those designers even create their gowns. As far back as Marilyn Monroe, who wore a brown skirt-suit for her second marriage, we've been watching what stars wear at their weddings. Whether it was Elizabeth Taylor wearing olive-green or Jessica Alba in a casual blue dress, it's fun to see what these non-traditional celebrity brides come up with over the years! Check out this gallery of stars who dared to buck tradition with their wedding wear. Get Started