19 Same-Sex Celebrity Breakups No One Saw Coming

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Love is love ... until it isn't.

19 same-sex celebrity splits that shocked us all.
While we wish we lived in a world where every relationship -- gay or straight or otherwise -- could last forever, we don't. That only happens in rom coms. So maybe the people on this list of same-sex celebrity breakups are just victims of the cruel game of Relationship Roulette. They gave it their all, but they didn't have luck on their side in the end. Or, just hear us out: Maybe they're on this list because love is a lie and all romances eventually die just like everything else we know and love. Now, maybe we're being bitter and pessimistic and it's actually the first thing that's true ... Or maybe we're not being pessimistic and we're actually Wise Oracles of Love burdened with the knowledge of a thousand '90s movies. In other words: Maybe love really is a lie. (Ed: It is. It really is a lie and everyone in New York City is a monster. Also, the person writing this list is a single person living in New York who just went on a date with a monster.)

But on the bright side: At least the people on this list found happiness, if even for a moment -- and, judging by their attractiveness levels, found some passionate nights together while they were at it? J/k, love isn't real and welcome to our list of sadness. Get Started