These 15 Pop Stars' Struggle With Fame Had Scary Consequences

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Is fame worth the price?

We hear about it all the time, but we never seem to let it sink in. Fame has had countless casualties, many whom did not survive. Yet, most people would give an arm and a leg or even their sanity for a chance at super stardom. Hollywood has more cautionary tales than we can count. There's even a terrible euphemism called the "The 27 Club" for celebrities who don't live past the age. No matter the money or adoration, fame seems to corrupt even the strongest contenders. People who are overexposed can't handle the unreasonable expectations to look and behave perfectly. The more famous someone is, the more their life changes. To make matters worse, the media's obsession with women's personal lives and bodies makes fame that much harder. It is no wonder that so many female pop stars struggle with the pressures of popularity. Not only are women singers expected to be young, thin, and attractive, they're expected to be sexy but not sexual, classy but not stuck up, and to of course, never point out any of these contradictions. Most can't handle living under a microscope -- and who could blame them? These pop stars battled fame and fortunately, most of them made it to the other side shining. Get Started