Celebrities Fighting With Their Fans On Social Media

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Don't @ them!

Before smartphones and social media, if you wanted to insult a celebrity, you had to write a letter to someone in a high place or publish an opinion in a magazine. Now you can whip out your phone and literally spend all day running your mouth about pretty much any celeb in the game if that's what you're into. Then you can slap a # or an @ in there and sling your words right into the celebrity's face (or their management team's face). What a time to be alive.

Most celebs ignore the mean stuff people say about them on social media. After all, you can be the world's most beautiful peach and there will still be people out there who hate peaches. But every so often, we get lucky, and a fan's words get under a star's skin so much that they clap back. It's then that we know God is real and loves us all, because we get to see our idols with their gloves off, being, dare I say, human. Most of the time it's just funny, but sometimes it's savage and shocking and we're sitting there looking at our phones with our jaws on the floor. That's what the following moments are made of. Enjoy the shade! Get Started