The 15 Messiest Breakups In Hollywood History

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The tea will be spilled.

Breaking up is just as natural a part of a relationship as getting together. It is hard to believe that people who were once so deeply in love could hate or hurt each other so much. But it appears, that's just the way it is! Anyone who devours celebrity gossip knows celebrities do everything bigger and better, including break ups. Things are about to get scandalous! Celebrities and their personal lives -- who could resist poking their nose into the lives of the rich and beautiful? Our stars have a way of reeling us in with their whirlwind romances. They post photos on social media, gush about their lovers in interviews, and seemingly always get married within a year of meeting their partners. As spectators, we tend to find their patterns predictable (even if they don't). So we wait around with popcorn for even the happiest celebrity couples to breakup. If seeing the Hollywood elite fall in love is fun, watching them fall apart is all the more intriguing. Divorces, lawsuits, infidelity, and secret love children fill this list of the messiest celebrity breakups. These stories will have you wondering if the saying is true: Is it really better to have loved and lost, then to never have loved at all? Get Started