27 Times Celebs Threw Massive Shade On Social Media

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Is the library open? Because these stars are getting READ.

It's hard out there for a celebrity. I get it. I mean, money and fame definitely make life a lot easier, but they can't solve the problems you create with your own personality. And -- since nobody is perfect, and since there are so many big personalities in Hollywood, there's always going to be plenty of drama. Lucky for us, celebs sometimes bring their drama to social media. When it happens, it's pretty exciting in a middle-school kind of way. It's like a socially acceptable form of voyeurism. We get to pick sides, get our panties in a wad over problems that aren't really ours, and sometimes even participate through the subtle art of the subtweet or the saucy comment.

Some of the celebs who throw shade do so lovingly, because they're friends and/or family. That's fun, too, because we get to pretend we're part of the joke. Why else would they post it publicly? Oh yeah. Publicity. Oh well. Whatever the reason, these stars love throwing shade and we love watching them. How many of these do you remember? Were you right there on social media when it all went down? Did you throw gas on the fire by commenting or do you prefer to sit back and watch? Get Started