Celebrity Couples Who Totally Overshared On Social Media

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They just don't know when to quit.

Celebrities: they're better than us, right? They're richer, more aesthetically pleasing, and have the adoration of millions of people. If you think stars are just better, I think you can agree that's true with one exception. Or at least, this list is going to make one compelling argument. When it comes to relationships and romance, celebrities are a freaking mess! No doubt about it, it is customary to see celebrities hop from marriage to marriage with little regard for their vows. Don't they know divorce is expensive? More suspiciously, these stars seem happy to rush to the altar after a few weeks or months. The only thing worse (or more entertaining, let's be real) than watching a celebrity go through a long, messy breakup, is seeing them naively go through that whirlwind honeymoon phase. Love is in the air, and the Instagram pics are coming in hot! These celebrity couples (most of who aren't even together today) couldn't resist the opportunity to post some very intimate public displays of affection. We would say they were "caught in the act," if they weren't the ones taking and posting the photos themselves. Well, I guess the saying is true: it's better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all -- that is until the social media intern has to go back and delete all those old Instagram photos! Get Started