23 Surprising Celebrity Couples Who Got Together In 2018

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Do you think they'll stay together?

Celebrity couples are like summer rains: they disappear as quickly as they come, and they're often pretty steamy and intense in the meantime. While 2018 may feel like a pretty trash year for most of us, romance is still happening all over the world! Love between human beings still exists, after all. And if you're a celebrity, good luck trying to keep your dating life private. There's always a photographer or a "good friend" ready to sell out the personal details of your life for an extra buck, and as long as we have Twitter and Instagram, complete strangers are totally willing to out you when you're just trying to go have fun with a cute person.

So yeah! Here are some of the new celebrity couples of 2018. Some of these pairings are cute, some of these pairings are already married even though they announced they were dating in the same year, and some of these pairings will make you scratch your head and go, "Huh?" But whether or not these celebrity relationships will last beyond 2018, no one knows for sure -- either way, they intend to enjoy the time they have together now. With the news like it is these days, it could be the end of the world... might as well enjoy the roller coaster of romance while you can. Get Started