15 Of The Most Insane Reality TV Fights In Television History

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Put the guilty in "guilty pleasure."

Reality TV: I think we all know that it isn't "real," at least not in the way the average person lives their lives. Most of us aren't in self-contained environments, ripe with alcohol, cameras, and meddling producers. Yet, these fights show that reality television is real for the cast of characters who sign away their privacy (and sanity, it seems) for a spot in the limelight. Sure, sometimes the confrontations are filmed not once but twice so that the director can get the best shot, but that doesn't mean these folks aren't seriously heated at each other. In these iconic reality TV moments wigs are snatched, shoes are thrown, fists fly, and charges are pressed. If violence makes you squeamish, then turn around and run the other way. But if an insane argument on a sidewalk about pasta -- yes, I said pasta -- tickles your fancy then proceed with caution. From America's Next Top Model to America's Next Drag Race Superstar, and Flavor of Love to Love & Hip Hop, these reality TV fights will have you wondering: why do people on television get into infinitely more fist fights than me and my friends? Hold onto your pearls, this one is going to be a doozy! Get Started