The Worst Celebrity From Each State

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We don't personally blame the states. Except for Florida.

The worst celebrity from every single US state. You're less than a day's drive from the birth place of at least one really terrible celebrity. May this bring you comfort and joy as you go about your daily life. That means no matter what you do, no matter how hard you fail, no matter what kind of mess you create, your life will probably never be as bad as the legacy left behind by these stars. Some of them gave terrible performances. Some of them acted like terrible people. And, to be honest, some of them just let things get weird. When things get weird, it's hard to go back.

Get some water and some slip-resistant shoes because we're about to climb to the top of the celebrity trash heap and find out which piece of landfill royalty has its roots in your back yard. I'm not saying you should move if you find out someone, like say, Carrot Top, calls your state home, but I am saying maybe you should consider your options. Do you really want the pride of your state to be some gross dude who tells bad jokes? I didn't think so. Just make your way through this slideshow before you call a realtor. Wouldn't want you to make any rash decisions. Get Started
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