Terrible Movies That Ended Actors' Careers

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No one saw these coming.

Bad movies are a dime a dozen, but truly terrible movies are a rarer species. Like a McRib return, or a Bigfoot sighting, they occur only when people least expect them to. They then ascend from the pits of movie hell, rear their ugly advertising campaigns, and screech, "I have no character development!!" They also immediately ruin the careers of the stars associated with them. It's a sad affair, but ultimately unavoidable -- like the Circle of Life -- and many A-Listers' careers have ended this way. The worst part is that they never see it coming. Just like the producers bankrolling these films, the actors in them are as shocked as the public whenever they tank. But by then it's too late. Thankfully, some of these poor souls have been able to move into television and other projects as the years have passed, but the fact remains: Making a movie is a brutal and unyielding process, and nothing in nature resembles it -- except for maybe a cheetah eating a gazelle. So, if you dare, read on to discover the most deadly, career-ending movies of all time -- and the unsuspecting lives they claimed. Note: the early 2000s were a terrifying time to be a successful movie star. Get Started