29 Celebrity Bad Boys Turned Family Men

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These star dads used to be wild.

Former Hollywood bad boys who changed their wild ways to become dads. Being a parent is no walk in the park. It's a round-the-clock job requiring endless amounts of responsibility and commitment -- a commitment these former bad boys took seriously! So seriously, they tamed their former wild ways to become devoted family men.

Some people you can just see as fathers; patient and gentle, they are seemingly born into the role. Others, like some of the entertainment industry's biggest stars, don't appear to be natural candidates for the job. They may have been hard partiers with substance issues, ladies' men who jumped from one partner to the next or wild children who had more than one brush with the law.

And yet, somehow they managed to turn it all around and become great dads. Maybe they've hit rock bottom or simply want more meaning in their lives. Whatever the reason, they've put their pasts behind them and channeled all that wild energy into showing up for their kids. We may see them on the Little League sidelines, pushing their mini-me's around in a grocery cart or just sharing an adorable hug on Instagram. Oh, what a difference a child makes!

Here's a round-up of stars whose fatherly duties have changed them for the better. Get Started