29 Celebrities Whose Lives Weren't Always So Great

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These celebs overcame a lot.

These celebs turned their whole lives around. These celebs did not have great beginnings. It's easy to assume the rich and famous, who seem to have it all, have always had great lives. But many have surprising pasts filled with difficult circumstances they had to overcome to make a name for themselves.

Whether their past contained extreme poverty, homelessness, an incarcerated family member or just a totally unconventional upbringing, these celebrities' pasts are anything but idyllic. Do you know which star was born behind bars? Which Oscar winner once traded his body for room and board? Who had to live out of their car for several years? And which star didn't know who his mother was until he was 37?

These celebrities have not had it easy. Some were the subject of parental kidnapping and fierce custody battles; others were born into cults or had to raise their own siblings. They had to overcome some pretty extreme emotional and financial odds to get to where they are today. Take a look at which celebrities had tough beginnings before they made it big. Get Started