19 Reality Show Hoaxes That We Totally Fell For

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Time for some real talk.

We've said it before and we'll say it again. And then we'll say it one more time for the people in the cheap seats. Reality TV ... isn't real. Now, if you haven't seen the Lifetime/Hulu show UnREAL, or been alive at any point over the last two decades, then that news might come as a shock to you. But it's the realest thing you'll hear all day. Producers of reality shows do everything within their power to squeeze maximum entertainment value from their premises -- and that includes lying to viewers and breaking the law. Truly, the amount of fraud and trickery involved in making "real" shows is overwhelming. For instance, reality contestants and judges are sometimes legally bound to lie about their backstories and personalities in order to make more drama for viewers. In other cases, reality stars are made to look like heroes or villains even when the complete opposite is true in real life. Seriously, all it takes is a staged fight or romance to create or destroy a reputation on national TV. However, creators of reality TV occasionally get so deep into lying that they forget what their shows are about in the first place. That's how you end up with this slideshow. Get Started