Surprising Stories Of Celebrities Before They Were Famous

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Blake Lively's 'tude surprised us!

It's easy to forget that celebrities are real people -- real people with riches, fame, and boatloads of talent (well, in most cases.) But most of them went to high school and learned the same things we did: How to read, how to play calculator games, how to avoid wedgies. That means that they weren't always the charming, well-veneered super-humans that we see on our TVs and movie screens. They were "normals." And in some cases, they weren't just normal: They were shockingly different than they are now. Like, you know how Ariana Grande always comes off as a cute and humble ball of sunshine? Imagine the complete opposite, and you have an idea of what she was like in high school. Truly, there's nothing better than hearing the "real truth" about people who make a living off courting our respect and admiration. It makes them seem more relatable, somehow, and it makes us feel better about our own flaws. Who cares if you don't give to charity if you know that Chad Michael Murray still got famous even though he's a scumbag? J/k. You should still give to charity, and still not be a scumbag. But you don't need to be Mother Teresa. On that note, please enjoy these stories that will make you feel better about yourself. Get Started