Pastry Face: 25 Stars Wearing Way Too Much Makeup

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Are these faces or desserts?

You won't believe how much makeup these stars wore out. Makeup is cosmetics that are applied to the face to enhance or, as you'll see, dramatically alter the appearance of one's face. For actors and stage performers, makeup is a key ingredient for making a statement or just looking good. Sometimes, however, stars interpret their celebrity status as an open invitation to go as buckwild as they want to with makeup. The result is often a glazed, garish, caked-on look that makes one's face resemble a sugary baked good instead of a human. We found pictures of Nicki Minaj, Kristen Stewart, Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and many more caught out in public with enough makeup on to feed a small nation. Women don't have a corner on the market, either. Makeup-loving men such as Boy George, Adam Lambert, Robert Smith and James Charles are no strangers to caking on the foundation and topping it off with some glittery frosting.

Does your favorite star know the art of subtlety, or are they guilty of making themselves look more like something from a bakery? Read on to discover which stars have a serious case of pastry face. Warning: you may need to brush your teeth after viewing these sugary confections. Get Started
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